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By La Cámara on January 30, 2017 in EVENTS
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Does Business promote Peace or War?
A question that had Economists and Historians argue what causes what!  Does business provide fuel for the war or paves way for peace through economic equality? What happened to theories such as Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism in the present wave of Globalization where the World is One Market? Can countries continue to remain insular and still foster peace or can countries be globalized, embracing free trade and competition and still foster peace even if they lose in the competitive game under globalization? What recent strife in the world mean for the relationship between Business and peace or war?Come join us in the Economic and Business Forum in the Global Peace Convention 2017 that will have leaders from across the world discussing how Business and Economy contribute to Global Peace.Provisional Program: EBF covers six topics that explore the role of business and economics in fostering peace in the world.

I.          Entrepreneurship: Key to Sustainable Development & Poverty Reduction
II.         The Tourism Resource
III.        Asian Renaissance: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Power for Peace and Co-prosperity
IV.        Case Studies: Paraguay’s National Transformation Model and Northeast Asia – Korean Unification
V.         Trade and Investment as a Catalyst for Peace & Regional Stability
VI.        International Business Success, through Cultural Competencies and Shared Universal Principles

Detailed schedule can be found here or visit their website.

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