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Networking. social and economic events. 

  • Economic briefings: Members are invited to monthly forums about economy and other topics of interest with very high-profile expert speakers. These conferences take place at the Residence of the Spanish Ambassador to the Philippines.
  • Quarterly dinners with a special menu for the occasion are held in restaurants that are members of the chamber.
  • Other social and economic events are organized with different chambers of commerce in the Philippines.

Information and communication services

  • Monthly Report. An original article with an analysis about economy or some other topic of interest is published once a month. It usually has some relation with the month’s economic briefing.
  • Monthly Newsletter with news of interest about the Philippine – Spanish relations, as well as about the members and sponsors, events, awarded projects, etc. The Newsletter is distributed in an electronic format to all our members and many other contacts in Philippines and Spain, such as chambers of commerce, trade organizations or companies.


  • Alert service. Information of every change regarding commercial, economic or social policies is sent to the members. On top of that, members are informed first hand of any relevant Spanish institutional visit to the Philippines, such as the visit of the Foreign Minister Jose Manuel García-Margallo in 2015, who participated in a meeting exclusively with members of La Cámara.

Commercial inquiries. Identification of potential partners

  • La Camara can provide trade inquiries about the Philippine market, as well as provide support to Spanish companies interested in doing business in the Philippines. It can also search and facilitate lists of potential Filipino business partners.
  • Support is also offered for Filipino companies interested in doing business or partner up with a Spanish company, informing about Spanish market conditions and offering contact with Spanish companies.
  • La Cámara can also offer commercial agendas and lists of suppliers and distributors.

Job Opportunities

Individual members of La Camara are exclusively informed about job opportunities that arise between companies members of the chamber.

Visa Assistance Service

In cooperation with the Spanish Consulate, members of La Cámara receive assistance and support in matters related to their visa and stay in Spain.

Translation and interpretation

La Cámara can provide contacts arrange qualified translators or interpreters for documents and other translation requirements.

Greater visibility 

  • The online presence of La Camara is very relevant, with a volume of traffic to the website and social networks increasing each month.
  • A complete profile of every new member is sent to all the subscribers on a monthly newsletter and published on the social networks.
  • Economic and commercial information and products from our members are distributed through our newsletter, website and emails to the rest of members, as well as to the rest of subscribers to our publications.

Graphic Design

  • We specialize in developing Internet and Web marketing strategies with one goal in mind: attracting new prospects to your business, engaging them in a business relationship, and retaining them for years to come.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Corporate Identity
    • Logo Design
    • Social Media Integration
    • Identity Manual
  • Print Design
    • Brochures & Catalogues
    • Publications & Adverts
    • Posters & Displays
  • Photography
    • Creative Concepts
    • Image Retouching
    • Image Manipulation
  • Illustrations
    • Digital Art
    • Icon Design
    • 3D Illustrations
  • Web Design & Development
    • Interface Design
    • Video & Flash Animation
    • E-Mail Campaigns

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