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Interview with Andrew Masigan

1. Introduce yourself and introduce your company

I have always been based in the Philippines. However, our company has

investments in Spain.

2. What year did you join La Camara how has the country changed since then?

I have been a member since 2013. La Camara has been an invaluable source of

information for our business operations in the Philippines and in Spain.

The networking opportunities have been impeccable and camaraderie among the

members is strong.

I have become a more informed businessman, thanks to La Camara.

3. How has your professional career or your company ́s career developed since since

you have been with La Camara?

Our group of restaurants has expanded from 7 to 31 over the last seven years.

We have become a more professional organization as a result of our association

with the group.

4. Do you think that doing business is nowadays easier or more complicated than