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Our Services

Contact List

Detailed and updated information about companies that operate in a concrete sector or that carries out a particular activity in the Philippines.

Promotional Events

For the promotion of certain products or services, La Cámara organizes different events such as presentations, seminars, etc.


Promotion of events, courses, and other materials via phone, social media, newsletter and our databases.

Trade Report

Sectoral information of a general nature that allows companies to have a basic knowledge of their sector of interest in the Philippines.

Company Representative

Make available to the applicant a specialist in foreign trade.

Outbound Trade Mission

Planned visits, usually to Spain, to enable foreign delegates to visit possible partners in Spain.

Commercial Agenda

Preparation of Business Meetings to put companies in contact with potential Filipino partners or clients during a commercial visit.

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Product Tasting

Organize tasting sessions for food products with the aim of promoting its quality through the enhancement of the Spain brand.

Translation and Interpretation Services

Job Opportunities

Information and Communication Services 

Visa Assistance

General and Contact Consultations

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